Our Programs

English-Czech Kindergarten

Morning Program

The English-Czech kindergarten is for children from the age of  2 – 6 years.

Arrival is possible from 8.00, program starts at 9.00 and ends at 15.00, pickup of children no later than 16.00. There is also possibility of short program version which ends at 13:00.

The morning program is led by 2 lecturers (1 native speaker, 1 Czech speaker). The program is designed for the whole school year, divided into months and then into individual weeks. Educational activities are focused on learning both languages in a playful and spontaneous manner. The year-long program will be divided into several topics. The topics are designed to be close to children and to be used in everyday situations. Children will learn to use daily routine questions and answers so that they can respond spontaneously and communicate with each other. Number of children in the group is max. 8. During the program we provide drinks, healthy snack and lunch.

Intensive English Program for children between the age 2.5 and 6

The program runs every second Tuesday (once every 14 days). Arrival is possible from 8.00, program starts at 9.00 and ends at 13.00, pickup of children no later than 13.30. The program is designed with regard to the curiculum of preschool education. The maximum number of children in a group is 6.

Afternoon Program

Afternoon Program

English, Czech and Spanish language courses for children from the age of 2

We offer a language courses for children and also for adults. The duration of one lesson is 45 minutes. Children are divided into groups according to age. The maximum number of children in a group is 6. Lessons are led by a native speaker! We like to combine teaching in practice. Children sometimes go shopping, to the gallery, to the historical part of the city – the best practice their knowledge of a foreign language in reality. 🙂

English-Czech program for kids from 3-6 years

We offer a bilingual program every Wednesday from 14.00:00 to 16.:30, 2 × 45 minutes. Participation for 1 × 45 minutes is also possible. For a group of 3 or more children we will arrange pick-up within a radius of 500 m and a joint transfer to the EMBERA CENTER premises.

Extra activities for children from 2,5–12 years old

We regularly organize thematically interesting events for children. On Friday afternoons, once a month, children can look forward to cooking, painting, theater, etc.

Several times a year, our lecturers take care of your children for half a day or a whole day and together they engage in interesting activities that will enrich their knowledge not only of English but also of another field (photography, animation, crafts, art, sports, ecology, etc.).

During the spring and summer holidays, we organize English-Czech suburban camps. Your children can participate all week, or min. 2 days. Our tutors are always looking forward to having a lot of fun with your children and enriching each other. These camps are designed for children from 3 years.

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